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Measured Response: All our Direct & Digital Marketing is measured - results can quickly be interpreted, campaign strategies refined and response rates improved. Digital marketing has transformed 'Advertising' in the traditional sense with 'Data Tracking' such as Google Analytics able to track every online campaign with a huge amount of data never before realised with traditional 'offline' campaigns - this is wreaking havoc on traditional marketing models. For continued success, direct marketing has to be continually tested; knowing what has worked and then re-working the next offer... sticking with the same model will only see a steady decline in readership and response - it pays to test!


- Digital eMailer Campaigning

- Traditional 'Offline' Direct Mail

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- SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

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Digital eMail Campaigns


   Traditional 'Offline' direct marketing still remains as one of the most effective sales tools, but in recent years 'Digital Mobile Devices' (Tablet & SmartPhone) are changing this perception beyond all recognition at an alarming speed... coupled with social media channels and eCommerce digital marketing is now the platform of choice. Traditional print publishers are in turmoil. Finding the right strategy for your buisness may be a combination of both 'offline' and digital methods or just one.


Creating Digital eMailer Campaigns: A process similar to its 'offline' counterpart but for a successful campaign the techniques are very different.

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SEO / Search Engine Optimisation


   A very specialised form of Digital Marketing, one AMDM has perfected over many years of studying the Google Search Engine...


Creating Websites that achieve No.1 search results: A process with no rules or guidelines... Google does not publish a 'How to' guide to achieve page-1 search results, although digital marketeers have a good idea - these are always changing / the most recent in April 2015 when Google stated it will require 'Websites to Be Mobile Friendly' to achieve high ranking 'organic' search positions.

SEO / Google your website 'Mobile Frindly'? It needs to be!

The example above shows our client is, approved by Google

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation


AMDM has proven experience & a very high success rate -

the example above shows our client position No.1 Page-1

YouTube Channels


AMDM can provide Video & Social Media Marketing - The example above for 'Spirit Yachts' shows our client's YouTube Channel ...@ over 150,000 views and still climbing

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