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AMDM create customised, user-friendly websites that engage and convert your target audience – mobile ready for Smartphones. A complete and full service from briefing, build, SEO, hosting and aftercare support.

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Website design

  AMDM are website design specialists offering Web consultancy, management and WooCommerce services.   AMDM will help you reach your objectives and improve your website enquiries. Projects are designed in an online test environment, allowing you and your team to experience and edit your website before launch – offering insight into your customer journey, to help improve customer experience and retention.

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SEO Expertise

  AMDM have extensive experience in SEO, helping websites reach the top of Google search results.  Google account for over 90% of all web searches. The statistics are harsh – depending on the search, over 85% of people ignore paid links and opt for top ranking natural ‘organic’ listings.

SEO: for

Key search phrase:Chartered Accountant jobs in Bermuda’

Google Search Results: Top-5 (from 189,000 results)

Seo Experts Suffolk

SEO: for

Key search phrase:Equestrian bronze sculptures uk’

Google Search Results: Top-5 (from 1,400,000 results)

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SEO: for

Key search phrase:British Corned Beef’

Google Search Results: Top-1 (from 25,300,000 results)

Super fast websites

A slow website can be a major disadvantage, leading to frustration, decreased engagement, and lost revenue.

Users expect websites to be fast, responsive, and intuitive. AMDM can help improve on page loading times and deliver very fast websites.

Web-page Speed Test | Client Case Study Feb 2023

Nobody likes a slow website

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GTmetrix Webpage Speed Test:

Score: (a) Grade (b) Performance 99% (c) Structure 99%

Performance Report: Measures performance and finds opportunities to speed up page loads.

Top marks from Google & GTmetrix

CMS designed

Customer Management Systems (Client content editing as standard 24/7)

Access your website and update content when required.  All AMDM websites are designed with CMS as a standard feature, so clients can access their website to edit content 24/7.

AMDM offer a complete aftercare service which will keep your website running smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

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“Edit your website content 24/7”

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AMDM offer a complete website design and aftercare service. With over 15 years of digital experience, we can help improve the performance of your website, building in direct response marketing techniques for improved enquery rates. Get in touch.

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