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Zwanenberg Brand Design

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AMDM: ‘Anthony Morris Design & Marketing’ is a multi-disciplinary, design and marketing studio, independently owned and run by Anthony Morris. Specialist in brand design, identity, strategy and marketing.  Delivering Design & Marketing strategies that engage and convert target audiences.

AMDM’s expertise spans more than 20yrs, for multiple sector industries, with clients ranging from large international business such as Zwanenberg Food Group NL, award winning Yacht Designers Spirit Yachts to consultancy services and independents.

AMDM Brand Design Agency

Spirit Yachts Marketing Strategy PR

for SPIRIT YACHTS: Brand Design | Strategy | Marketing | Digital & Web | Corporate Identity

Anthony Morris Creative Director

ANTHONY MORRIS: Creative Director/Designer/Marketeer

Based in the UK. Specialising in brand design, brand strategy and Direct Response Marketing. With more than 20yrs brand & marketing experience, working at board level direct with clients. From ‘Ian Logan Design’ London to Advertising Agencies and Web Design where I have worked on major accounts including Boots PLC, Mazda Cars, Picture House Cinemas, Monitor Audio… now working direct with clients large and small including: Zwanenberg Foods NL, Spirit Yachts, Taste Original and mulitple small to medium size businesses.

Available for new projects: either on a ‘Fixed Fee per Project’ basis or ‘Monthly Retainer’ or by the day to suit your project requirments.

Anthony K.


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Creative Process

Effective and Successful Design & Marketing Projects

Much of the ‘heavy lifting’ is completed before the creative work starts… without  clear marketing objectives, budgets defined and comepetitors reseached – no project can hope to reach its full potential of success.

Time Management

Meetings can be useful and productive, endless committee meetings not so much. AMDM encourages smaller senior management meetings – for shorter, faster and more focused progress. That’s not to say everyone in the company should not be involved at some stage.

User Testing

Test, test and test again… validating our creative design process ensures the best possible outcome – from brand design, web and packaging design.

Market Research

This does not have to be exhaustive and can be a visit to your local supermarket to research competitors packaging for ‘on shelf impact’. Gut instinct and experience can prove very useful, conducting consumer research with remote test groups can also help, but not when used in islolation.

BRAND Project

Zwanenberg Food Group NL

Brief: “Refresh and revitalise the Zwanenberg Identity …creating a contemporary, bold and unmistakable Brand image, one that unifies our global business”

Results: Following 9 months of intense research and creative design work the final Brand Design was rolled out across Zwanenberg’s European, UK and USA business locations. Re-designed for trade exhibition stands, livery, signage and digital marketing channels …delivering a unifined global brand.


Brand Design, Corporate Identity

Digital Design

Brand Strategy

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AMDM Brand Designers Spirit Yachts
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AMDM Brand Designers Taste Original
AMDM Brand Designers HB42
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What clients say

Global Philanthropic Group

Global Philanthropic Group

Ben Morton | Founder & Group CEO

Hamilton Recruitment

Hamilton Recruitment

Thomas Burton ACA | Executive Search CEO

Centre for Integrated Photonics

Centre for Integrated Photonics

Ray Taylor | Marketing Officer


Spirit Yachts

Spirit Yachts

Mick Newman | Founding Director

NB Mick lost his life in a tragic flying accident …a hugely respected talent, lived life to the full – aviator, yacht designer …a rare visionary leader.

Benchmark IT

Benchmark-it Data

Rob Pritchard | Senior Analyst



Leigh Hepplethwaite | Chief Operating Officer

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