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AMDM deliver a fully integrated digital marketing service. SEO, website design, social media, Email campaigns and paid advertising. Strategies for Brands, services and products.  AMDM can help you raise your brand profile and improve your marketing response rates. 

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Marketing strategies for Brands, services and products.  Results driven, with measured response  that can be quickly interpreted, strategies refined and response rates improved.

Marketing Strategy for Spirit Yachts

Client | Spirit Yachts

The Brief: To re-position Spirit Yacht as World leading designers and manufacturers of modern classic yachts. Raise company profile, attract more enquiries and ultimately be recognised as a global brand within the yachting community.

Direct Response Marketing: The key objective for the Brand Strategy – was to raise the company profile by repositioning Spirit Yachts as ‘The Ultimate Modern Classic’, cutting edge wooden yacht designers and manufacturers. A robust and targeted campaign was executed: Brand Design & Identity, Marine Photography & Video, Corporate Brochures, Web Design, Advertising & PR, International Yacht Shows and regular high frequency targeted direct mail (both in-house and paid for external customer enquiry mailing lists).

Results: Spirit Yachts is now a globally recognised brand, building multi-million pound yachts at the cutting edge of wooden yacht design (and 007 James Bond’s yacht of choice). AMDM was kept as on a rolling retainer for 14 years as Design & Marketing Agency, following the initial 3-year re-branding programme.

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Spirit Yachts Marketing Agency

Client | Rea Valley

The Brief: Re-brand and re-position Rea Valley as the premium UK manufacturer of British Corned Beef and speciality meats. Raise brand profile, improve product perception within trade markets, to attract more enquiries – ultimately improving business.

Direct Response Marketing: Rea Valley has a long and highly respected history… established in 1925 Shropshire. The brand image alas was starting to look tired and dated, with much of its marketing assets originating from the late 70s and into the 80s. An image that did not reflect their premium product range – something that was a handicap for the sales team. AMDM’s proposed marketing strategy was to update and refresh all brand-marketing assets, with specialist food photography taking centre stage – these directly targeted at (a) trade clients and (b) consumer audiences.

Results: Re-postioning the Rea Valley brand image to one of a premium product ​”…for a taste that is unsurpassed”, revitalised their supermarket trade channels with much needed growth in sales.

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